Still trying to tighten up those writer’s goals for 2017? While you’re un-tightening your belt from all the holiday hoopla? Here’s what the Splickety staff is working on–this and world domination of course.

My 2017 writing resolutions are to bolster my marketing plan for Scarlet Moon, finish edits for my publisher on the two remaining books in the series. Complete edits for my other publisher on a different novel, write a new novel by April, and maybe one more by the end of the year! Oh, and better my craft, of course! –Sarah Grimm, Lead Editor

Finish rewriting and publish THE TEARS OF CHRIST, finish and publish HALF LIFE, finish and publish SCREAMING SOULS, and hope ELIJAH does well enough to start work on a sequel. –The Underground Shadow, our anonymous Havok Production Manager

Finish editing my collaborative novel with Ben Wolf and commit my gothic steampunk proposal to the winds of fate. –Andrew Winch, Executive Editor

Plan on getting my fantasy series edited and hopefully Book 1 out by the end of the year. –JJ Johnson, Social Media

I plan to start work on an Anthology, and continue working on my first novel. I also plan on writing a serial for my website. –Josh Smith, Associate Acquisitions Editor

Edit my sci-fi manuscript. I’m kinda scared to go back and look at it. And write regularly on my book blog. –Lauren Hildebrand, Splickety Magazine Associate Editor

Outline my manuscript. It’s a small step in the overall scheme of things, but it’s also my first, so I’m trying to ease into it. –Cassidy Clayton, Proofreader and Blog Associate Editor

Publish my YA novel. Market said novel. Become a millionaire in the first six months after book goes on the market. Hey, if you’re going to set goals, set them high. –Dawn Ford, Operations

I’m going to finish editing my contemporary romance and get at least the first draft done of my historical romance. I’m also hoping Harlequin will acquire one or two of my contemporaries. –Kim Duffy, Splickety Love Editor

Finish my second novel, start and maybe finish the third. Pitch to my publisher. But most of all, enjoy the September launch of my first! –Lindsey Brackett, Blog Editor

So what are you writing this year? Stuck for ideas? Check out our submission guidelines. You may be less than 1000 words away from a great story.