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Our 2018 themes are here! Check out the list of themes and their descriptions below and send us your best flash fiction for publication. Submission deadlines are also below, and please be sure to follow our submission guidelines when sending us your flash fiction.

Note: 2017 issues whose submissions deadlines are past can be referenced on the 2017 Themes page. Only upcoming themes still open for submissions in 2017 are listed below. 

January: Deep Space Design

Havok Logo - New 2016Featured Author: Mary Weber
Submission Deadline: October 27, 2017

Sub-genres – Space Opera, Far Future, Alien encounters, space travel, new solar systems

Build your own ships, solar systems, crews, and plot twists! In this issue, we’re looking for well-developed sci-fi worlds. We still want compelling stories, of course, but we want to feel the texture of your world. The hot sand and the wretched hive of scum and villainy on Tatooine. The way the metal catwalk on Serenity echoes when someone drops a vital engine part. The many worlds and creatures the crew of the Enterprise encounter. Build a world and let us have a glimpse into it.

February: Sadie Hawkins 

Featured Author: Pepper Basham
Submission Deadline: November 24, 2017

Sub-genres – Topsy-turvy Proposal, Impatient Friend, Sparks between Strangers

In this issue we want stories where the woman pursues the man. Strong, determined, know-what-they-want women who go after love. Whether it’s an unconventional proposal or someone who thinks they should be more than friends, let the lady take the leading role.

NOTE: For ease of use, we only list the 2018 themes whose deadlines are in 2017 above.


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