Upcoming Themes

Our 2018 themes are here! Check out the list of themes and their descriptions below and send us your best flash fiction for publication. Submission deadlines are also below, and please be sure to follow our submission guidelines when sending us your flash fiction.

March: Dystopian DisasterSplickety Magazine Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

Sub-genres – Post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, war, totalitarian government, natural disasters

The future is here, and it’s worse than we imagined. Societal collapse, cruel government, anarchy, famine, plague—send us a story that wrecks our world. We want teenage characters who struggle through the wreckage for justice, freedom, or life itself. When nightmare is reality, who will survive?

April: Extraordinary Exploits

Havok Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: February 9, 2018

Sub-genres – Action/Adventure, Aliens, near future, time travel, supernatural, magic, urban fantasy

Bring things close to home in this action-packed adventure issue. Adventures with a supernatural twist. Artifacts with unexplained properties. Creatures that aren’t quite human. We’re looking for a real-world setting with a twist of the speculative in this issue. Think The Librarian, Indiana Jones, Warehouse 13, and Grimm.

May: Wagon Trail Romance

CONTEST ISSUE (special submission process)

Featured Author: Brian Bird
Submission Deadline: March 9, 2018

Sub-genres – Love on the Prairie, Westward Expansion Wedding, Gold Rush Fairytale, Historical

Who doesn’t love covered wagons, settlements, open spaces, and the adventure of finding home in a new place? Whether your character falls for the town’s teacher during a barn raising, nurses a handsome wagon master through cholera, or discovers gold together, give us love that stands against the odds and survives the hardship
of pioneer life.

June: Heirs and SparesSplickety Magazine Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: April 6, 2018

Sub-genres – Family feuds, political thrillers, trouble in paradise

Life as a teenage royal is flashy and glamorous… until trouble strikes in the palace. Weave us tales of royal drama among the monarchy’s younger members—contested thrones, unwilling heirs, coups, and intrigue. The stakes are kingdoms, and the loser stands to lose his (or her) head.

July: Rampage! Monsters vs. RobotsHavok Logo - New 2016

CONTEST ISSUE (special submission process) 
Featured Author: Jeremy Robinson
Submission Deadline: May 4, 2018

Sub-genres – Giant robots, giant monsters, giant giants, Kaiju

Giant monsters. Giant robots. From Transformers to King Kong, from Voltron to Godzilla, these are classics of the sci-fi genre. In this issue, we’re looking for a twist on the classic monsters vs. robots trope. Whether they’re duking it out over territory, bumbling and making things worse for the humans they’re trying to save, or are well-meaning but unable to control their own power and rage, these creatures need to tear up the pages and make us cower in fear from the destruction they leave in their wake. Who saves the world better? Let the games begin.

August: The “Aww” Factor

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2018

Sub-genres – Cute and cuddly, adorable pint-size matchmakers, Sweet Romance

Actors often say they won’t work with animals or kids because they steal the show, but for this issue we want them. Write us a story where a single parent meets his daughter’s science teacher and there’s chemistry or maybe a vet falls for a police officer who brings in his K9. Think sweet and charming stories that make us go “aww!”

September: Senioritis

CONTEST ISSUE (special submission process) Splickety Magazine Logo - New 2016
Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: June 29, 2018

Sub-genres – Coming of age, life lessons, pranks

It’s senior year! Welcome back to the halls of learning, a hot bed of future hopes, ambitious dreams, and cruel disillusionment. We want to read about pranks gone wrong, fiascos at prom, college applications, and the bittersweet pain of leaving childhood behind. It’s almost graduation—but reaching that diploma means making it through
one… last… year.

October: Skeletons, Slashers, and Succubi

Havok Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: July 27, 2018

Sub-genres – Horror, suspense, supernatural

We’re going back to the basics of classic Halloween horror stories. Monsters, witches, creepy crawlies, things that go bump in the night, and all things terrifying are what we’re seeking in this issue. Make our skin crawl with undead delight!

November: Lab Coats and Love Letters

Featured Author: Lynn Blackburn
Submission Deadline: August 24, 2018

Sub-genres – A Twist of Fate, Medical Suspense, Medical Mystery

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, and surgeons are busy, but hopefully not too busy for love. Send us your stories featuring broken bones, mishaps, and long nightshifts. As long as there is a happily ever after, we want to see them. Maybe a firefighter on vacation helps a woman who has sprained her ankle or medical students find romance while pouring over textbooks. Give us great settings, action, and a little bit of TLC to get our hearts racing.

December: Christmas AbroadSplickety Magazine Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: DiAnn Mills
Submission Deadline: September 21, 2018

Sub-genres – Travel mishaps, holiday cheer, cultural traditions

It’s any place but home for the holidays. Give us young adult stories that embrace the holiday spirit in faraway lands. What does Christmas look like in high summer when the family goes to visit their grandfather in Australia? Can an army brat find the Christmas spirit on her third overseas base in three years? What happens when an exchange student in Ecuador finds romance under the mistletoe? We want to see compelling characters, evocative settings, and a hearty dose of Christmas magic.


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