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Our 2017 themes are here! Check out the list of themes and their descriptions below and send us your best flash fiction for publication. Submission deadlines are also below, and please be sure to follow our submission guidelines when sending us your flash fiction.

Note: 2017 issues whose submissions deadlines are past can be referenced on the 2017 Themes page. Only upcoming themes still open for submissions are listed below.

August: Out of My League

Featured Author: Melissa Tagg
Submission Deadline: June 2, 2017

Sub-genres – Love in the outfield, all-star hearts, total knock out, benched in love, most valuable sweetheart, beauty and the quarterback, the pitcher and me

There is nothing better than winning the heart of the one you love. Sometimes it’s a tough call and sometimes it’s an out-of-the-park homerun. This issue we want stories that take us out to the ballgame, keep us on the edge of our seat, and delight us with an unexpected winning play.

Whether it’s at the concession stand, the dugout, a championship game, or someone’s backyard, hit us with all you’ve got. An old rivalry becomes love in the outfield at a co-ed softball game, high school sweethearts meet one more time at homecoming game, a sports-averse reporter spills a mustard dog on Mr. Right at the concessions stand, and the MVP has been on a losing streak all season until he looks up and finally sees her in the stand with a sign that says, “Yes.”

September: Whodunit?

CONTEST ISSUE (special submission process)
Splickety Magazine Logo - New 2016Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017

Sub-genres – Amateur Detective, Whodunit, Courtroom Drama, Anti-hero, Forensic

For our mystery issue, puzzle us. Throw red herrings. Keep us in the dark until we can’t stand it. We want genuine, clean, edge-of-your-seat mystery—the sort that makes us wonder why we didn’t notice the clues. Make us see the magnifying glass in our hands, feel the charcoal powder, and smell a rat!

October: Holiday Cauldron

Havok Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: TBA
Submission Deadline: July 28, 2017

Sub-genres – Dark Humor, Good vs. Evil, Anti-Hero

We’re wreaking Havok this Halloween! All your favorite holidays, all jumbled up. Santa’s reindeer are zombies? Been there. The Easter Bunny served up on a Thanksgiving platter? Sure. Miracle on Elm Street? You bet.

Think Nightmare before Christmas and Rise of the Guardians and other mash-ups for this Halloween issue. We’re looking for stories that combine two or more holidays and splash in a bit of Halloween creepiness for a twisted celebration.

November: Picture Perfect

Featured Author: Jen Turano
Submission Deadline: August 25, 2017

Sub-genres – An Opera Encounter, First Dance at the Ballet, Museum Mystery Romance, The Painter and the Poet, Broadway Romeo

Art touches us. It speaks to the human spirit and inspires us to greater things. And what is greater than love? It’s easy to find the romance in the strength and agility of two dancers channeling Odette and Prince Siegfried or in the haunting melody of a violin solo.

In this issue of Splickety Love, we want fine art and the passion it evokes and stirs up. Show us love at the ballet, orchestra, symphony, art exhibit, and museum. Bring us characters who dance, paint, play, and create. Use the natural tension in a Broadway show, the excitement of a newly discovered Monet, and an opera’s passionate music to tell a story that leaves us breathless.

December: Wreck the Halls Splickety Magazine Logo - New 2016

Featured Author: DiAnn Mills
Submission Deadline: September 22, 2017

Sub-genres – Holiday catastrophe, heart-warming humor, Christmas abroad, non-traditional family, slapstick, nostalgia

Christmas is full of things like family and ugly sweaters and snowballs—all of which make great ingredients for a comedy. Make us laugh while telling a story that captures all the essence of Christmas. From travel delays to the kids’ holiday programs to weird Uncle Johnny’s pants ripping, create a memory that makes us smile.

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