2016 Themes

Below is the complete list of themes and their descriptions for our 2016 releases. Submissions deadlines have passed for 2016 releases, so be sure to check out our new themes for 2017!

January – Inferno
Featured Author: Ronie KendigHavok Magazine Logo
(Submission Deadline: 11/6/2015)
Sub-genres – Fire- or heat-based Superhero stories; sci-fi on a hot planet, fire-breathing dragons, volcanoes and lava

There’s a chill in the air, but a fire in our souls. The opposite of last year’s Frostbite issue, this year we want to heat things up. We’re looking for stories to get us through the winter months. Ignite our imaginations with stories involving fiery volcanoes, blazing superpowers, hot planets, sizzling science experiments, and anything else that raises the mercury.


February – Partners in Crime
Featured Author: Lisa Phillips
(Submission Deadline: 12/4/2015)
Sub-genres — Flirting with Danger, Captivated, Peaceful Protests (nonviolent resistance), Caught in Love, Accidentally Criminal, Stealing a Kiss, Prank to Proposal

Instead of partners for life, this Valentine’s Day we’re looking for Captivated Partners in Crime. Think “The Man Who Knew too Little” meets “West Side Story.” Or Greenpeace girl chained to a tree until Bulldozer boy sweeps her off her feet. Nancy Drew encounters Encyclopedia Brown, and they uncover a new element of chemistry.

Weave a tale of a bounty hunter with the hots for her target. Or thicken the plot with a heist involving more than money and jewels. Transform robbery into romance and let your characters flirt with danger. Send us your best story of rivalry, sabotage, criminals, competition … and romance. Lots of romance.


March – News that Never HappenedSplickety-Prime-Logo
Featured Author: Mags Storey
(Submission Deadline: 1/8/2016)
Sub-genres – Only in your wildest dreams, Secrets revealed, Caught on camera, Mythical creatures, They did what?!, etc.

This just in: Believe everything you read. Or, at least make us believe it. Our March issue is all about fiction that reads like fact. Think The Onion, Splickety style.

We want to see your best reporting skills on something that’s never happened. The wilder, the better. Put on your journalism hat and write a tale that’s too tall to be true. Convince us it’s news and not a ruse.


April – Fairytales: UnfetteredHavok Magazine Logo
Featured Author: Will Wight
(Submission Deadline: 2/5/2016)
Sub-genres – Traditional fairytales with magic and ogres and spells, stories about fairies, new twists on fairy lore

Whether it’s old-school elven mischief-makers, uptown urban sprites, or a more traditional tale with magical creatures and wicked witches, take us on a trip into the fantastical realms of Faeries and Fairytales for our April issue. Introduce us to a world of magic from which no one returns unchanged. That is, if they return at all.


May – For the Love of Chaos
Featured Author: Beth Vogt
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won; see Contest page for details)
(Submission Deadline: 3/4/2016)
Sub-genres – Mr./Mrs. Wrong, “Frenemy” Love, Love in Passing, Trapped Together (elevator/delayed flight/traffic jam), Opposites Attract, Different Perspectives, Happy Ending Romeo and Juliet

If they ever look at each other, sparks will fly. But that’ll be the day hell freezes over or they get stuck in a five-hour traffic jam. We’re talking about a match made for a combustion chamber, family feud, or a mediation session. It’s love fraught with tension and serendipitous twists. This is the story that changes everything.

We want once-in-a-lifetime tales of two hearts colliding in a match made for never who overcome the distance, the odds, and even the bad blood. Mr. Wrong meets Mrs. Totally Not His Type. Long-lost frenemies brought together by a matchmaker’s blind date. Passing strangers meet again when they stumble into each at the park while he’s walking her missing dog. Hit us with your best shot of unique pairings and unlikely reunions.


June – Outdoor Misadventure
Featured Author: Mark HancockSplickety-Prime-Logo
(Submission Deadline: 4/8/2016)
Sub-genres – Adventure gone awry, trips never to forget, man vs. nature, lost and alone

The great outdoors, where adventure awaits. Or misadventure. Let’s face it, nature is unpredictable. Without the right tools to take on her fierce elements, we could be up a creek without a paddle—literally. Nature rains on our parades, blows our plans up in smoke, and bows to no mortal man.

So we want stories featuring outdoor escapades that didn’t quite go as planned. Whether tales of camping chaos, fishing fiascos, rough road trips, Sasquatch sightings, or wacko wildlife, send us your spin on what can go out of control in the great outdoors.


July – Heroes vs. Villains
Featured Author: Lynn RushHavok Magazine Logo
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won; see Contest page for details)
(Submission Deadline: 5/6/2016)
Sub-genres – Contest issue: Heroes, anti-heroes, villains, noble villains

Superman vs. Lex. Thor vs. Loki. Harry vs. Voldemort.

Who do you like better, the hero or the villain? What makes a hero heroic? How does a villain become evil? What drives a hero to become better? Where do those lines blur?

These are the questions to ask as you write to enter our Heroes vs. Villains issue, in a contest to the death. Choose a side and write a story that compels us to love or hate—or both—a true hero or a dastardly villain.

August – Love on Location

Featured Author: Siri Mitchell
(Submission Deadline: 6/3/2016)
Sub-genres – Westward Love, Meeting in Paradise, Lights-Camera-Passion: Film Set Romance, Southern Sweethearts, Beauty and the Beach, Hippy Commune Courtship

Summer is the time for travel and globetrotting lovers. Do you love exotic locales and faraway places? Now’s your chance to spin a tale with a setting that makes us swoon. Strangers catching each other’s gaze while walking the cobbled streets of Rome. A lifetime adventure climbing Kilimanjaro where rescue leads to romance. A chance meeting in paradise that rekindles an old flame. Or maybe a stunt double discovers on location that Mr. Hollywood is also Mr. Right.

Whether it’s southern sweethearts, On the Set, European vacations, or beauty on the beach, Splickety Love wants stories that stir up love and wanderlust. We’re particularly looking for faithful and evocative descriptions that transport us to Destination Romance


September – Buckle Up
Featured Author:Splickety-Prime-Logo Kristy Cambron
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won; see Contest page for details)
(Submission Deadline: 7/8/2016)
Sub-genres – Time travel, racing, exploration, homemade conveyances, fast and furious vs. slow and steady, etc.

From tricycles to ruby slippers to the back of a burro, we’re looking for stories that revolve around transportation. You don’t have to stick with plain old trains and boats—think outside the boxcar for this one.

Whether it’s explorers on an airship, stowaways on a time machine, innocents in the backseat of a police car, a waitress on roller skates, or a flea circus on a stray dog, we want the mode of transportation to be an important part of the story. So start your creative engines and ready, set, write!


October – HalloWhimsy
Featured Author: Rick GualtieriHavok Magazine Logo
(Submission Deadline: 7/22/2016)
Sub-genres – Funny ghost stories, getting tricked instead of treated, magic spells gone wrong

Who says October has to be gloomy? Let’s shine a little light on the dark night of All Hallows Eve by showcasing grim humor, graveyard mischief, and good old-fashioned Halloween fun. From fun and silly to creepy and quirky, what embodies the spirit of Halloween for you?

Whether your characters are being double-dog dared to spend the night in a creepy house, throwing toilet paper in a carnivorous tree, or teaching their pet zombie to do their chores, make sure your story is full of pumpkins, candy, full moons, autumn leaves, and creaking doors.


November – All’s Fair in Love and Uniforms
Featured Author: Hallee Bridgeman
(Submission Deadline: 8/26/2016)
Sub-genres – Love and Duty, Hearts and Badges, Hearts in Service, Hearts of Honor, Love in War, Love on the “Beat”, Kissing the Chef, Fire for You (Fireman/woman), Romancing the Sargeant

When describing love, few can easily define the boundaries. We want stories that stretch the rules, and for this issue we’re focusing on our boys in blue and green. And black. That’s right, we love a man in uniform, whether he’s a policeman who falls for a cat burglar, a drill-sergeant captivated by the cute new recruit, a touring soldier torn between love and duty, or a volunteer firefighter saving a neighbor’s kitty from a tree. So submit your stories of men (or women) in uniform…and in love. Bring on the badges and captivate us with courage in the line of romance.


December – Christmas in Crisis
Featured Author: DiAnn MillsSplickety-Prime-Logo
(Submission Deadline: 9/23/2016)
Sub-genres – Holiday heroism, last minute rescues, weather woes, unexpected visitors, naughty list, detours, etc.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all was amiss. Danger on the horizon—a real crisis.

Will the whole world be watching the holiday’s fate, or can Christmas be saved before it’s too late?”

At Splickety, all we want for Christmas is action, adventure, and suspense wrapped up in a healthy dose of holiday cheer. Missiles instead of mistletoe? A kidnapped Santa? A society of ninja elves who save Christmas every year before the kids even know it was in crisis? Yes! Bring on the stories of misfits, unsung heroes, and everyday Joes who are determined to avert crisis and save Christmas.