2015 Themes

2015 was a great year, with an issue and a theme for every month from one of our three magazine imprints.

Havok Magazine LogoHAVOK January – Frostbite

Featured Author: Dr. Dennis Hensley
(Submission deadline: 11/7/2014)
Sub-genres – Ice-based super powers, frozen planets/locations, snow creatures, etc.

We want stories that will give you chills–literally. For this icy issue of Havok, we’re looking for stories that feature ice-based super-powers, frozen planets, frozen locations, snow creatures, and any other frost-themed speculative stories. That abominable snowman story you’ve been thinking of writing? We want it. That sci-fi thriller set in Antarctica? Perfect! Submit your freezing stories now for our January Havok.

LOVE February – First Comes Love

Featured Author: Michelle Medlock Adams
(Submission deadline: 12/5/2014)
Sub-genres – First kisses, first dates, first loves, first breakups, first crushes, etc.

First time feelings flit like butterflies and sting like bees. The first crush–which should really be called “crash” since we all crash and burn. The first kiss. The first fight. The first time you danced without injury. The first time you met the parents. Splicketly Love wants all the “firsts” flash fiction for our February issue. Special Request: Splickety Love seeks strong, independent heroines with unique voice and a fond quirkiness. Also, we’d like to see more heroes than hunks. So, cut back on physical attraction and amp up the action and dialogue. “Firsts” tend to be gushy. Instead of kisses, try creating an inside joke for your couple. (You’ll get brownie points.)

Splickety-Prime-LogoPRIME March – Crime Time

Featured Author: Lisa Harris
(Submission deadline: 1/9/2015)
Sub-genres – Detectives, noir, cops and robbers, CSI, heists, neighborhood mysteries, etc.

We want to know whodunit. That’s right, we want mystery-solving stories. When? For Splickety Prime’s March issue. Who? Only the best detectives be they brainy CSI’s, misunderstood gumshoes, cop wanabees turned bounty hunter, cocky noir private eyes, or kid sleuths. What? Your favorite flatfoot’s best case whether it’s a robbery, heist, murder, or kidnapping of the school’s mascot—anything with a twist we didn’t see coming. Why? If there’s a case to be solved, Splickety Prime wants to know about it.

Havok Magazine LogoHAVOK April – Crossover Chaos

Featured Author: Randy Ingermanson
(Submission deadline: 2/6/2015)
Sub-genres – All of them! Combine two or more genres to create a unique speculative story.

Two different genres. One story. We want a marriage that works. From steampunk spaceships to elves with tasers, from time traveling monks to superheroes in the Renaissance, pick any two genres, and craft an innovative speculative story that makes us believe it’s possible.

LOVE May – Stupid Cupid

Featured Author: Kristin Billerbeck
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won)
(Submission deadline: 3/6/2015)
Sub-genres – Love gone wrong, dates gone wrong, bogus betrothals, runaway brides (or grooms), etc.

Cupid carries a weapon–his bow. His arrows. Sure, we call his victims love-struck. But I have a theory. I think Cupid packs not for pleasure, but protection. Three words: Love gone wrong. Hiding in the bathroom from Mr. Chews-With-His-Mouth-Open. Eluding the first kiss by feigning the Black Plague. Escaping a lovelorn coworker by hiding under a desk or on the edge of the balcony. Running from a public Broadway-special proposal. A groom sprinting from Bridezilla. How-to stay single at shot-gun wedding. Or maybe your character Kate Hudson wants to lose a guy in ten days.

For our contest issue Splickety Love asks for the kind of stories that make Cupid take cover. Submit your humorous flash fiction about riding not into the sunset but away from it. Special Request: Flash fiction’s middle name is “tight.” Actually, we lied. It’s so tight, flash fiction doesn’t have a middle name. But while you’re writing your escape story, don’t forget setting! Your heroine could speed purposely on her wedding day and find herself in the back of a squad car or cell. If there’s a wacky setting you’re been dying to use, this could be the place as long as it fits your plot. Surprise us!

Splickety-Prime-LogoPRIME June – Wild West

Featured Author: Peter Leavell
(Submission deadline: 4/10/2015)
Sub-genres – Train heists, ranchers, pioneers, trailblazers, gamblers, gunfights, cowboys & Indians, etc.

Head southwest with Splickety Prime’s June issue for some Wild West frivolity! Send us your finest flash fiction and you just might get published alongside the legendary Peter Leavell.

We’re looking for tales in the following sub-genres (but of course you’re not limited to just these): cowboys and/or indians, gunfighters, historical western, contemporary western, ranchers, pioneers, trailblazers, gamblers, train heists and/or railroaders, the Oregon Trail, and the California Gold Rush. If you’ve got an idea that fits one of those genres or something similar, write us a compelling piece and send it our way. As always, the more unique and interesting you can make it, the more likely we are to publish it.

Havok Magazine LogoHAVOK July – Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy

Featured Author: Patrick Carr
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won)
(Submission deadline: 5/8/2015)
Sub-genres – None – we only want classic sci-fi and classic fantasy stories for this issue.

The ultimate debate deserves the ultimate contest. Science Fiction vs. Fantasy. Which is the better genre? The 2015 Contest Issue of Havok will determine just that. Think classic. Classic sci-fi—Star Trek, H. G. Wells, and Firefly, vs. classic fantasy—Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Game of Thrones. Choose a side and enter to win!

LOVE August – Smitten Summer

Featured Author: Amy Clipston
(Submission deadline: 6/5/2015)
Sub-genres – Carnivals, State Fairs, Concerts, hometown locations, etc.

Sun down. Stars out. Splickety Love needs all the summer lovin’ you can strum along to. August is our music issue! Small-town singers lighting up downtown nights. Dancin’ in the moonlight. Maybe two boys will shoot to win a stuffed bear for a gal they both like. There might be a kissing booth. Who knows? The Ferris wheel at the carnival might stop and a firefighter might have to help her old flame down. And let’s not forget the rodeo or the hearts it takes with it when it ambles on to a new city.

Delight us with your flash fiction romance mingling with song. Whether carnivals or concerts, fairs or festivals, choose a setting that takes love to the highest crescendo. Special request: Splickety Love wishes to see high-school summer flings whether new love or renewed. We’d appreciate a mix of heart-warming pairs and couples who are a little cold to each other to contrast the hot nights.

Splickety-Prime-LogoPRIME September – Lost at Sea

Featured Author: Sigmund Brouwer
CONTEST ISSUE ($10 entry fee; hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes to be won)
(Submission deadline: 7/10/2015)
Sub-genres – Pirates, Tropical islands, Ships, Buried Treasure, Shark attacks

September is contest month over at Splickety Prime, and we want stories that take us on a voyage into the deep blue. Topics like pirates, buried treasure, tropical islands, ships, the Bermuda Triangle, castaways, stowaways, revenge-seeking parrots, secret-keeping islanders, cruises gone wrong, rum—hey, someone’s bound to bring it—are welcome. Plunge to the depths of your creativity and see what gems you can find. If your idea doesn’t involve a stoic volleyball, a captain who seeks massive white whales, or the life story of anyone named Pi, write it. Then send it to us.

Havok Magazine LogoHAVOK October – Shivers and Screams

Featured Author: TBD
(Submission deadline: 7/24/2015)
Sub-genres – Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, etc.

Havok Halloween is synonymous with Horror. This year we want traditional, supernatural monster stories—vampires, werewolves, ghosts, monsters, and things that go bump in the night. Send a terrifying tale that will lurk under our beds at day and haunt us in our dreams at night.

LOVE November – Just Friends?

Featured Author: Deborah Raney
(Submission deadline: 8/28/2015)
Sub-genres – Third wheel, Will they/Won’t they, Best friends, Always a bridesmaid…, etc.

He pulled her pigtails. Now he’d like nothing more than to tug her heartstrings. But she’s his best friend. He can’t say love.  Childhood friends who grow together. Crime-fighting partners who are clueless to the chemistry between them. Divorcees who regret their decisions and spend a little extra time getting dressed up for every-other weekend. A waiter and online dater who have become buddies. Contestants on a survival show that have more important things to do like build a fire than tend the sparks between them. And let’s not forget the “back-up” friend. You know. The friend that if you can’t find anyone else to marry, they’ll be you’re “back-up.” Splickety Love’s November issue begs for DTR (Define the Relationship) flash fiction.

Splickety-Prime-LogoPRIME December – Merry Everything

Featured Author: DiAnn Mills
(Submission deadline: 9/25/2015)
Sub-genres – Winter, Seasonal holidays, snowmen, Christmas, etc.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and we want stories that warm the heart like hot cocoa after a snowstorm. This Christmas list is by no means complete, but here are a few of my favorite things: Silver bells, sleigh rides, snowball fights, surfer Santas, blizzards, the perfect gift, a Christmas card stamped “returned to sender.” Our wish list is for stories that makes us feel the Christmas spirit, alive and well.

Want to submit to one of our imprints? Check out our Upcoming Themes and submit your best flash fiction to Splickety. We are always on the lookout for poignant stories that strike fast and hit hard, and we suspect the best is always yet to come.