Teddi Deppner – Webmaster

teddi-author-profile01Teddi Deppner has been writing stories since grade school, editing papers since college, and publishing manuals, curriculum, articles and websites since 1994. After 15+ years in the corporate writing and publishing world, she is currently working on production for several website and publishing projects of her own, including the release of The Author Collector  in March 2015. An active beta reader for both best-selling authors and aspiring ones, she loves to support other creatives.

A believer in living an abundant life, Teddi pursues a wide range of interests beyond writing, some more than others: nature photography, illustration, songwriting, martial arts, parkour, and homemaking. She’s a fan of comics and graphic novels, Doctor Who and Firefly, and reads widely in many genres (but science fiction and paranormal are her current favorites).

If you share any of these interests, she’d love to meet you!

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