Lindsey Brackett – Web Content Editor

BrackettLWEBLindsey P. Brackett once taught middle grades literature, but now she stays home and tries to write her own great works in the midst of motherhood. Since 2010, she’s been blogging about grace in the everyday chaos at
While her posts about family have won her awards and accolades such as publication in Thriving Family and Georgia Magazine, her first love is southern fiction. A born and bred Georgia girl, Lindsey writes stories that resonate with the strong ties of family, friends, and food–the epitomes of the South.
Splickety hooked her with the appeal of flash fiction (a story that can be written during nap time!) and without realizing what she was getting into, she joined the team in 2015 as Web Content Editor. She enjoys connecting with other writers and encouraging them to make their stories better and more powerful.
Her current projects include a novel set on Edisto Island, South Carolina and more flash fiction than her fingers can get from her head to the page. She also writes a bimonthly column for The Northeast Georgian and is available to guest post for other blogs on topics such as family, marriage, education, and writing.
She is married to her best friend, and he’s good at small business finance which is the only reason there’s ever any money in her checkbook. They have four children, so her home is always full of wet towels, lost library books, and strong coffee.
Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram anytime. The dishes can wait a little longer.


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