Kim Duffy – Editor, Spark

Kim DuffyAt twelve years old Kim Duffy decided to write a short story. A romance, cleverly titled Stuck in an Elevator, about a young girl and her Hollywood crush…stuck in an elevator. The story went nowhere, but Kim discovered her love of writing and romance. When she was nineteen she married a man she had known for less than a year, effectively ending her life of romance (With other men. She’s still going strong with her husband in that department.)

Living by the motto Go big or go home, she wrote a 160,000 word fantasy. It was too big.

She went on to support her husband through college, have three daughters, work as a youth leader, and develop a love for cooking and nutrition. This led to a failed blog detailing recipes that used easily available ingredients such as raw milk and Chia seeds. When she developed a vitamin B12 deficiency she put away the Vitamix and began wearing makeup with parabens again.

When her husband graduated, Kim realized she now had time to pursue her dream of publication.

This time she plotted her novel and it clocked in at 120,000 words. Cutting 40,000 she decided she was ready to find an agent.

Since then Kim has begun work on a women’s fiction novel with a character that has a very masculine job. Knowing flash fiction would soon take the world by storm, she reevaluated her life motto and began writing some shorter stories.