Andrew Winch – Executive Editor

Andrew WinchAndrew James Winch, MPT began his writing career in the third grade with an award-winning flash fiction piece. It was a 1-page story filled with mystery, plot-twists, and mermaids. After that, Andrew took a short break from writing to focus on his studies.

Sixteen years later, he returned to the literary world with another short short story, this time opting for werewolves instead of mermaids. Enchanted by the long hours, constant rejection, and social suicide that make up a writer’s life, Andrew decided to write a couple sci-fi/fantasy novels and accept the position of Executive Editor at Splickety Magazine.

When he’s not editing Splickety or writing speculative fiction, Andrew dons his physical therapist war helmet to treat patients, train athletes, and assist with sports medicine coverage at local high schools. In his spare time, he enjoys leading his church youth group, playing music, camping, hiking, and floating (in Missouri, “floating” is defined as the lazy, out-of-work older brother of white water rafting).

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