Our Splicketeers

Splickety Publishing Group Bolt LogoWhen Splickety Magazine started in early 2011, it was more or less a one-man show. Since then, Splickety Publishing Group has grown to include some of the highest-quality team members any company could hope for. Each of us plays a different role, but we all share responsibility for making Splickety’s magazines a success.

The Splicketeers are a diverse and interesting bunch, but we share one thing in common: we love great fiction.

Please click on any of the names and titles below to learn more about our amazing team.

Ben Wolf – Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Winch – Executive Editor

Arpit Mehta – Creative Director

Dawn Ford  – Operations Manager

Randy Streu – Podmaster

Teddi Deppner – Webmaster and Associate Acquisitions Editor

Sarah Grimm –  Lead Editor

Josh Smith – Associate Acquisitions Editor

Scott Minor – Advertising

Lisa Godfrees – Production Manager, Splickety

Catherine Jones Payne – Editor, Splickety

Lauren Hildebrand – Associate Editor, Splickety

Lisa Godfrees – Production Manager, Havok

Avily Jerome – Editor, Havok

Kristen Stieffel – Associate Editor, Havok

Lisa Godfrees – Production Manager, Spark

Kim Duffy – Editor, Spark

Leslie L. McKee – Associate Editor, Spark

Ashley Jones – Editor, Web Content

J.J. Johnson – Social Media Director

Olivia Hofer -Web Acquisitions Editor

Victoria Howell – Havok Social Media

Cassia Schaar – Social Media Coordinator

Caitlin Davie – Proofreader

Jane Hammer – Designer

Cassidy Clayton – Web Production Manager

Robin Deutschendorf – Website Design



Want to be a part of Splickety? Check out how you might be able to join our team. If you’d like to partner with us some other way, email Ben Wolf at ben@splickety.com.