Kimberly Duffy

Today, Kim Duffy, Editor for Spark, will give us some insight into the magazine, the current theme, and how to write a romance in under 700 words.


What makes Spark different from Splickety’s other imprints, Havok and Splickety Magazine?

While Havok and Splickety Magazine can contain romantic threads, Spark is pure romance. The entire story has to revolve around a couple’s relationship. If you can take the romance out of the story and still have a story, it’s not a romance.


What tips a story from slush to acquired?

Beautiful language, evocative descriptions (with flash fiction, you need to do this well in a few words), and a romance that makes the reader sigh or smile.


What are you looking for with the theme Picture Perfect?

I’m looking for stories that are unique. Be the only one to submit a story about Irish dancing or a historical with a character who stole paints. Instead of a piano recital, why not bagpipe lessons? Instead of setting your story in a museum, what about archaeologists who are studying mosaics in Pompey? Think outside the box.


How can a writer make his story stand out?

Pay attention to the theme and submission guidelines. Make sure you’re submitting a story that is polished—send it to a few friends to look over, read it aloud a few times, and edit a few more.


Is it really possible to write romance in 700 words?

Yes! You don’t have to write the entire romance. Pick a moment—the meet, the first kiss or “I love you,” the happily ever after. Then throw in some conflict and a satisfying ending and you’ve got what’s needed for a great flash fiction romance.


Read more about Spark’s theme Picture Perfect and submit your flash fiction today!