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Spark: May 2018: Wagon Trail Romance

Westerns speak to our independent spirit and yearning for adventure. Our May contest
issue has plenty of that with gun totin’, danger chasin’, and stranger courtin’ romances.
Make sure you check out winner Alison Prelusky’s story Dry Bite, and runner-up Go West, Young Love. Feature author Mary Connealy’s Rough Spun is a laugh-out-loud tale of hidden identity.

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Once you’ve read it, head back over here and tell us: which was YOUR favorite story, and why?



Havok: April 2018: Extraordinary Exploits

Speculative Fiction covers so many different types of genres that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but we can’t forget about a staple of the genre—contemporary action and adventure. From Indiana Jones to Warehouse 13, from Independence Day to Fringe, exploring the “what ifs” of our current age helps shape our understanding of the present and the possibilities for the future.

This Extraordinary Exploits issue brings together some of the best themes of speculative fiction in a thrilling, action-packed ride, so grab your fedora and get ready for adventure!

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Once you’ve read it, head back over here and tell us: which was YOUR favorite story, and why?



Splickety: March 2018: Dystopian Disaster

Splickety March 2018 cover

Zombies, and dictators, and plagues—oh my! Though the backdrop of a dystopian novel is bleak, there’s something deeply compelling and, fundamentally, hopeful about it—a sort of defy-all-odds audacity determined to search for a better world in spite of the way everything is crumbling. One reasonThe Hunger Games is popular is because it doesn’t flinch away from darkness or death, but pushes on toward hope in spite of the horror.

In this issue of Splickety, enjoy stories in this vein—dark, sometimes brutal, but always with a trajectory toward something better.

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What is YOUR favorite dystopian story or movie?


Spark : February 2018 : Sadie Hawkins

February is made for expensive chocolates, fancy dates, and wine-soaked kisses. It’s the big red hearts of Valentine’s Day and snuggles beneath a cozy blanket. Our Sadie Hawkin’s Spark issue brings you women who know what they want and go after it. From feature author Pepper Basham’s “adorkable” piece about a librarian and her famous writer crush to stories of second chances and first dates, we’ve got a lazy evening’s worth of sweet and sassy.

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Havok : January 2018 : Deep Space Design

Space. There’s a reason they call it the final frontier. So many planets and systems that are as yet unexplored—the possibilities are endless. That’s why we’re kicking off 2018 with our Deep Space Design issue. This issue explores uncharted territory, with new worlds, new creatures, and new adventures, including a hunt for a terrifying alien beast by award-winning author Mary Weber, and a bike race on an unknown planet.

So hop on board your favorite spaceship and set sail for the stars in a showcase of sci-fi stars!

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Splickety : December 2017 : Wreck the Halls


What does Christmas look like to you? In my head, it’s carols, gingerbread houses, snowmen, and cider simmering on the stove. In reality? The holidays are magical and full of wonder . . . until they go terribly wrong. In this issue, we’re thrilled to bring you ten Christmases that don’t go according to plan—because real life is so much messier than a Hallmark card, and sometimes we find the true spirit of Christmas in the midst of a kitchen fiasco, a tattered tree, or the relatives who can’t mind their own business.

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