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Meet Julie Berry

It's our pleasure to welcome June's featured author Julie Berry to the Lightning Blog today! What stories have inspired your writing the most? Fairy tales run deep in the blood, both for me personally, and for our culture collectively. I read fairy tales, folk tales,...

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Covert Valor

The Pendragon banner writhed on moaning gales above the victorious and dead. Arthur’s knights waded from the blood-soaked marsh. Warriors removed mail hoods, slinging musky sweat from their hair. Though Guinevere’s neck ached under the helmet’s weight, she dared not...

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Take the Pressure Off :: Writer Wednesday with Tosca Lee

And now, a note on fear. This summer I had a writing question from an aspiring author struggling with a long-term project. Here’s what I had to say: Let me tell you, I have unfinished, or unperfected manuscripts in my cabinet, too. It sounds like a lot of what might...

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Am I Good Enough? Writer Wednesday with Tina Yeager

The longer I write, the less faith I have in my talent. In my youth, mentors taught me to believe in myself. Teachers encouraged me to write. I founded my esteem on the quick-wilting laurels of affirmation. Humanistic praise rings so sweet in the ear, yet dependence...

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A Golden Promise

Gil wiped the grit from his tired eyes. After travelling for two days with hundreds of fellow Samarians, he wondered how long it might be until his legs gave way on the sandy trail. Many had already perished. An older woman clung to him, unable to walk on her own. He...

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Kiss of Vesuvius

  Black clouds billowed from the mountain that overlooked the city. Lightning split the darkness with sudden flashes of white. Claudius choked on the stench of sulfur as he turned the corner to get to his villa. Panic gripped his chest. Where was his new bride?...

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Countdown to Realm Makers