The theme for the June 2016 issue of Splickety Prime is Outdoor Misadventure.

Subgenres for this theme could include adventure gone awry, trips never to forget, man vs. nature, or lost and alone.

outdoor adventure

Photo by Ali A • FreeImages

The great outdoors, where adventure awaits. Or misadventure. Let’s face it, nature is unpredictable. Without the right tools to take on her fierce elements, we could be up a creek without a paddle—literally. Nature rains on our parades, blows our plans up in smoke, and bows to no mortal man.

We’re looking for stories featuring outdoor escapades that didn’t quite go as planned. Whether tales of camping chaos, fishing fiascos, rough road trips, Sasquatch sightings, or wacko wildlife, send us your spin on what can go out of control in the great outdoors.

Submission deadline: April 8, 2016
Read the submission guidelines.

Nature calls to us all—and sometimes she yells.