It was my oldest son’s flag football “bowl game” on Saturday, we were losing and we only had two plays left before the end of the game.

When the offense left the field, my son stomped over. “We’re gonna lose,” he pouted matter-of-factly.

I told him, “You never know. You’ve seen it before in the NFL, they win the game on the last play.”

To my amazement, in the last play, the quarterback passed the ball perfectly to Cody, who ran it in for the touchdown. We all went berserk and the celebration continued as we scored the extra point to secure the win.

My son galloped over again, this time beaming and exuberant. “We won! We won! We did it!”

“See?!? I told you! You never know until it’s over! I hope you learned a lesson.”

Every time he’s told the story about the big game-winning play, I’ve tried to reiterate the point: “It’s not over ’til it’s over.”

I have the same tendency, and I’ve had to fight it for a year now as my husband and I have tried to get pregnant again. Every time we’re waiting for news, I find it harder and harder to hold out hope until the very end. It’s incredibly tempting to say, “I’m not pregnant. I just know it.”

Like my son, do I think declaring we lost will soften the blow if we DO lose??

I thought about my son, and how he would have felt when we won if he’d kept believing we could win until after the last play. My guess is, it would have made the win even sweeter.

In all the times we found out we weren’t pregnant, I was always happy that I’d kept hoping until we knew for sure.

And for the times in the past when I discovered I was pregnant, I learned exactly what I hope my son has now learned: giving up before the end doesn’t soften the blow–it merely takes some of the joy out of it when you DO  win!


Tabitha DumasTabitha Dumas is a wife of 11 years, mother of two sons, writer, chronic blogger and image consultant. She owns “Let Me Rephrase That” writing services, manages a collaborative blog called FanTABulous Women and offers free image assessments in her home studio. Based in the Chandler/Gilbert area, Tabitha is passionate about helping people live lives of greater beauty, confidence and influence and is always looking for more people to add to her network.