Having been born and raised in Florida then spending the last 15 years in the Arizona desert, I know a few things about dealing with heat.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep cool this summer.

  1. Dress in light colors and fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to wear white—there’s always the option of bleaching out the stains. Wearing pastels and light colors will reflect heat and can actually help you feel cooler. Stick to cotton and linen fabrics, too, for breathability.

  1. Switch over to light linens.

Dress your bed in light colors and fabrics. Invest in crisp white sheets or pajamas in a fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. Put away your dark towels in exchange for white ones or even a beach towel.

  1. Evoke a cool feeling in your environment.

Turn on a fountain in your office to be soothed by the sound of trickling water. Display a photo of the beach to gaze at and imagine yourself sitting in a cool ocean breeze. Burn a summer-scented candle (like fresh linen or gardenia). Add shells and sand to your décor. Turn on a fan or play summer-themed music while you work.

  1. Enjoy cool foods and beverages.

Switch from hot coffee to iced. Have a fresh salad or fruit cup with lunch. Sip cold lemon or mint-infused water throughout the day. Have a sorbet in the evening to cool down.

  1. Cool your skin.

Keep an after-sun lotion or bottle of aloe vera gel in the refrigerator to apply to parched skin or after you get too much sun.

Combine a few of these ideas on a hot day and you’ll be the coolest person around.


Tabitha DumasTabitha Dumas is a wife of 10 years, mother of two sons, writer, chronic blogger and image consultant. She owns “Let Me Rephrase That” writing services, manages a collaborative blog called FanTABulous Women and offers free image assessments in her home studio. Based in the Chandler/Gilbert area, Tabitha is passionate about helping people live lives of greater beauty, confidence and influence and is always looking for more people to add to her network.

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