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Splickety Magazine is our premier flash fiction magazine. We strive to publish the finest quality flash fiction in multiple genres including (but not limited to) action/adventure, suspense, mystery, thriller, contemporary, women’s, young adult, and historical fiction.


Ben Wolf, founder of Splickety Publishing Group, first came up with the idea of publishing a flash fiction magazine in 2011 after having two of his own short stories published in another magazine. After many months of acquiring stories, raising funds, and securing Splickety’s first ever featured author Brandilyn Collins, Ben launched the first issue of Splickety Magazine in early 2012.

Since then we’ve gone through a few logo changes, name changes, and some other crazy happenings, but we’ve launched multiple issues of Splickety (many of which are available for purchase here) since 2012 and we now have two magazines in addition to Splickety, including one for speculative fiction and one for romance. Thousands of readers across the US and internationally now enjoy Splickety Magazine on a regular basis.


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