The March 2016 issue of Splickety Prime will be set around the theme “News That Never Happened.”

News that's Not

Photo by Cristiano Machado • FreeImages

Subgenres: Only in Your Wildest Dreams, Secrets Revealed, Caught on Camera, Mythical Creatures, and They Did What?!

Put on your reporter fedora and write a faux news story about a fictitious event. We’re looking for wacky journalism-esque stories that rivet readers with “just the facts” prose. Choose the style of your favorite local daily, a zany checkout aisle tabloid, or a stodgy financial paper. Think The Onion, Splickety style. Here, you have the freedom to do the one thing a good journalist should never do—make stuff up!

Submission Deadline: January 8, 2016

Read the submission guidelines.

Remember: The wilder, the better!


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