Editing Services

Let Us Make Your Piece a Masterpiece

Short story? Article series? Novel or non-fiction manuscript? Choose from a team of skilled and experienced editors, all active staff members of Splickety Publishing Group (SPG).

Ben Wolf
Founder and Editor-In-Chief at SPG
Fiction – most genres, any length, prefers speculative and action/adventure, thriller, suspense, historical
Nonfiction – any works, including memoirs, self-help, theology/Bible books, professional development, and papers for school/classes
*Also offers consulting and coaching for marketing, branding, career planning, and more

Contact Ben at: 1benwolf@gmail.com
For more information, please visit the editing services page on his website.

Andrew Winch
Executive Editor at SPG
Fiction – works of any length; most genres, prefers action, adventure, speculative, suspense, and thriller
Nonfiction – most works, primarily scientific/medical articles

Contact Andrew at: andrewjameswinch@gmail.com

Avily Jerome
Editor of Havok Magazine
Fiction – preferably short stories; any genre, but specifically speculative
Also offers: concept, story world, world-building, what’s working/what’s not critiques

Contact Avily at: avily@avilyjerome.com

Sarah Grimm
Lead Editor
Fiction – speculative, YA, mystery, cowboys, romance, anything with cool weapons
Nonfiction – any area, especially on animal topics

Contact Sarah at: sarahgrimm99@gmail.com

Catherine Jones Payne 
Editor of Splickety Magazine; Owner of Quill Pen Editorial
Fiction – YA, speculative fiction, and most other genres
Nonfiction – Can edit a wide range of topics

Contact Catherine at: catherine@quillpeneditorial.com

Kristen Stieffel
Associate Editor of Havok
Fiction – works of any length; fantasy and science fiction, historical, contemporary, women’s fiction and romance; no sexually explicit material
Nonfiction – works of any length; business and finance, religion and philosophy, history
Also offers: manuscript critique, coaching, ghostwriting

Contact Kristen at: kristen@kristenstieffel.com

Leslie McKee
Lead Editor; Leslie L. McKee Editing, Proofreading
Fiction – most genres including fantasy, science fiction, historical, contemporary, women’s fiction, young adult, and romance; no sexually explicit material
Nonfiction – Can edit a wide range of topics

Contact Leslie at: lmckeeediting@gmail.com 

Rates will vary, based on the project. Please contact an editor with your project for specific rates and payment plans/promotional offers.

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