The February 2016 issue of Splickety Love features the theme “Partners in Crime.”

Crime Stories

Illustration by Malchev • Fotolia

Sub-genres may include Flirting with Danger, Captivated, Peaceful Protests (nonviolent resistance), Caught in Love, Accidentally Criminal, Stealing a Kiss, Prank to Proposal.

Instead of partners for life, this Valentine’s Day we’re looking for Captivated Partners in Crime. Think “The Man Who Knew too Little” meets “West Side Story.” Or Greenpeace girl chained to a tree until Bulldozer boy sweeps her off her feet. Nancy Drew encounters Encyclopedia Brown, and they uncover a new element of chemistry.

Weave a tale of a bounty hunter with the hots for her target. Or thicken the plot with a heist involving more than money and jewels and transform robbery into romance. Send us your best crime stories of rivalry, sabotage, criminals, competition … and romance. Lots of romance.

Featured Author: To be announced
Submission Deadline: December 4, 2015
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Let your characters flirt with danger—and each other.