Most people live in a world of gray, black and beige and they never break out of it. Beige paint on the walls and a closet full of gray, black and beige clothes can be summarized in one word: Boooorrrriiiinnnggg.

In fact, as The Color Picker for my parents’ home painting business and a color makeover pro, my most popular presentation topic is “Breaking out of the gray, black and beige box.”

Are you ready to live outside of the Boring Box?

To embrace color, follow the rule of interior designers: the 60-30-10 Color Ratio Rule.

Generally, 60% of the room’s color scheme is from the dominant color used on the walls, floors, furniture or large upholstered items.

30% of the room’s color is from the secondary color used on ceilings, cabinets, drapes and smaller furniture.

And 10% of the room’s color scheme is from the accent colors used in trim, molding, pillows, rugs and accessories.

The same ratio applies to paint, and guess what? It works just as well for choosing an outfit as it does for decorating or painting a room!

When it comes to an outfit, it’s OK if the 60% is black, brown, gray or white…just do the 30% with a colorful scarf or funky shoes in one color, then add the extra 10% with earrings, a bag or a stylish watch in a third color or pattern.

Example: 60%: black pants and black jacket. 30%: purple top. 10%: leopard shoes (or orange earrings or a green bag).

Practice by playing with the pillows on your couch or laying potential outfits out on your bed. Figure out what feels right to you and have fun with it. Then just wait for the compliments to begin because—congratulations!—you’re living in a world of color and outside of the Boring Box.


Tabitha DumasTabitha Dumas is a wife of 11 years, mother of two sons, writer, chronic blogger and image consultant. She owns “Let Me Rephrase That” writing services, manages a collaborative blog called FanTABulous Women and offers free image assessments in her home studio. Based in the Chandler/Gilbert area, Tabitha is passionate about helping people live lives of greater beauty, confidence and influence and is always looking for more people to add to her network.