Bolt Flash Fiction :: All’s Fair in Love and Uniform

Welcome to Bolt Flash Fic Friday where the goal is to let your imagination loose and make your fingers fly with a flash fiction story inspired by this picture prompt.

But for our challenge this picture is only worth 100 words.

Can you do it? Link up your stories in the comments below and check back next week to see who we’ll feature. It might be you!

This week we’re inspired by today’s deadline for Splickety Love’s last 2016 edition, Love in Uniform. Did you know you can submit nano fiction to us? We love the short impact of a few, well chosen, words. Check out all our upcoming theme information and submission guidelines.


Ready, set, WRITE!


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6 comments on “Bolt Flash Fiction :: All’s Fair in Love and Uniform
  1. Katie Briggs (Lohr) says:

    Our creed said Recon Marines got what others dreamed.
    But falling for my “nurse?” The most-alive, least-merciful therapist God created. Fearless toward me.
    Jessica blew the doors off-hinge. “Michael or Hulk today?”
    I growled.
    Eyes to file, she faltered.
    I stiffened on alert.
    “You received security clearance back.” She smiled quick.
    I swallowed. “Found my anchor to reality.”
    For once, she gaped.
    “I fight evil, politics, and disrespect for country, life, light. You reminded me.” I stepped close. Wrapped my hands around her waist. “We achieve…”
    “…What others only imagine.” Her playful grin outgunned my heart. “Excellent.”

  2. Love’s Not Fair!
    (100 words)

    I fell in love with Roger’s good looks, shaved head and all. We got engaged fresh out of boot camp and married before he shipped overseas.

    “Love you, baby,” he’d whispered, holding me close our last night together.
    “Love you more,” I’d muttered against his shoulder, not wanting him to see my tears.
    “We’ll be together forever once I return,” he’d reassure me. “This duty assignment is six months at best.”
    “Great,” I whispered. “I’ve got a secret when you come home.”

    But boots, a backpack and a flag were all they shipped back to me and Roger’s unborn son.

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