I love color. I am The Color Picker for my parents’ home painting business because I love helping people surround themselves with colors they get pleasure from.

When I go on color appointments, I am often asked, “What colors do YOU think I should use?”

Most customers want “Model Home Beige,” that beige that’s not too pink and not too green, that works with any other colors and is, in my professional opinion, the epitome of boring.

For those who want to go beyond beige, selecting the right colors is a very personal (and often laborious) choice. So how do you choose?

I advise them to consider three things: the way the space functions, the mood they want the space to evoke and what color induces that mood for them.

For example, in a home office where they want to be productive and create an energizing mood, a shade of orange might do the trick whereas in a master bedroom where they want to relax and to create a romantic mood, a gray-blue would fit the bill.

For areas that primarily serve to please the guests that come into your home, like a guest bedroom or a seldom-used dining room, the question is how you want your guests to feel in the space and what color is the most likely to accomplish that goal. A pale apple green, for instance, is universally appealing in a guest bedroom because most people find it to be welcoming, soothing and restful.

You should enjoy the spaces you spend your life in! Once it comes time to put paint on the walls, the best question to ask yourself is “What color is going to make me happy?”