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Eat. Prey. Live. :: Flash Fiction

It was the middle of March when I woke up stranded on a desert island with nothing but a dinosaur for company. Nightmare? Alternate universe? Experiment gone horribly wrong? You decide. Either way, the experience has taken a toll on my

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Meet Kerry Nietz (and win a book!)

This month Havok hosted Kerry Nietz–author and former Bill Gates minion. Since Kerry’s been working with computer language since the dinosaurs (or just the ’80s) we figured he’d be able to write a pretty good story. Let us know what

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Guarding Eden :: Flash Fiction

  It was a good job, most days. Bronty couldn’t complain about the environment. She was, after all, living on the edge of paradise. She could still see the Havilah river tumbling over the golden rocks. She could still enjoy

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