Do you miss using writing prompts to inspire your writing? Do you long to flex your creative muscles more often? Do you want to learn to journal, or reinvigorate your journaling efforts? Do you enjoy drawing, or even just doodling?

If so, you may need to take up “artistic journaling.”

It’s something I discovered on Pinterest when I was searching “journaling” and “doodling” (and contemplating coining the term “jour-doodling”). Some people call it “journal doodling,” too.

Whatever you call it, it’s having a blank book, something to write about and a way to illustrate the page.

There are unlimited options out there so do what appeals to you. You can look up simple drawing how-tos, fun (or serious) writing prompts and artistic journaling techniques to expand your imagination.

I just purchased a blank sketch book (found in any retail store on the Crayola aisle), black permanent markers and colored pencils. I may even pull out my old set of watercolor paints!

What you write and how you illustrate it is entirely up to you but the end result will be a book that is part diary, part scrapbook and part artist’s portfolio—and uniquely you.

Are you already utilizing an “artistic journal?” If so, how do you do yours? If not, do you think you’ll give it a try?


Tabitha DumasTabitha Dumas is a wife of 10 years, mother of two sons, writer, chronic blogger and image consultant. She owns “Let Me Rephrase That” writing services, manages a collaborative blog called FanTABulous Women and offers free image assessments in her home studio. Based in the Chandler/Gilbert area, Tabitha is passionate about helping people live lives of greater beauty, confidence and influence and is always looking for more people to add to her network.