For ad submission deadlines for upcoming issues, please visit our Ad Submission Deadline page.

Got a message, a product, a service, or something else you need to share with the world? Take advantage of Splickety’s competitive rates and let us help you spread the word. For an example of some of the ads we’ve published before, please download our fourth issue of Splickety for free.

For information on how you can advertise with Splickety, either on our web page/blog, in our newsletter, or in our magazine, email us at

Ad Prices:

Display Ads*

  • 1/6 page – $50.00
  • 1/4 page – $60.00
  • 1/3 page – $70.00
  • 1/2 page – $90.00
  • 3/4 page – $105.00
  • Full page – $120.00
  • Inside Cover – $225.00
  • Back Cover – $325.00**

Classified Ads

  • 30 words or less – $10.00
  • Extra words over 30 – 50¢ each
  • Add a box around ad – $5.00

*All ads are based off of a standard 8.5 x 11″ page with a 1/4″ bleed around the edges to accommodate printing parameters. Ads should be 300 DPI or higher and in a JPG, PDF, PSD or other comparable file type.

**Note that these prices are generally starting points. If you’re interested in purchasing multiple ads in the same issue or in several issues, we will absolutely give you discounts.

Additionally, we offer ad-creation and editing services by our Art Director and professional designer, Arpit Mehta.

  • Ad Creation – $50.00
  • Spruce up an existing ad – $30.00

Email for information about enlisting Arpit to put a professional touch on your ads for Splickety’s publications.

We will soon offer web advertising as well. Get your ad in front of several thousand sets of eyeballs every month (and we’re still growing). Contact us to find out how affordable our rates are.

Want to be a part of Splickety Publishing Group? We’re looking for an Ad Sales Representative. If you’re interested, please contact Ben Wolf at If you’d like to partner with us some other way, go ahead and email us with your ideas.