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Spark: August 2017: Out of My League

Is there anything better than a baseball game on a summer day? Hot dogs, sticky seats, the thrill of a homerun—and the possibility of meeting Mr. Right. In our August issue of Spark, we’ve got baseball, football, boxing and even croquet stories which will get your heart pounding…and not from the sports-induced exertion.

We’ve given you a bull rider who is saved by a rodeo clown, a Romeo and Juliet story set on the field (and given a happy ending), and our swoony staff feature that has me believing, for the first time, that bowling can be romantic. Turn up the air conditioning and enjoy the heat from our sporty summer issue of Spark.

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Havok: July 2017: Mythical Clashes

For this year’s contest theme, Mythical Clashes, we asked for stories filled with battles of legendary proportions, combining mythical creatures and places all thrown together. As always, the stories submitted were brilliant and imaginative. The finalists fill the following pages with creatures and characters both familiar and new in battles big and small.

The top three stories, The Last Stand of the Mer, by Sheri Yutzy, Chiron’s Crew, by Steve Rzasa, and Siren’s Kiss, by Clint Hall, were sent to our revered Featured Author, Dave Farland, for final round judging.

And so, it is with great pleasure, that I announce the winner of this year’s contest, Clint Hall, with Siren’s Kiss, and the runner up, Steve Rzasa, with Chiron’s Crew! Congratulations, Clint! Enjoy your grand prize, and as always, thanks for doing your part to help in Splickety’s quest for world domination!

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Splickety: June 2017: Medieval Mayhem

When I was eight or nine, I devoured The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green in a single day. I’ve been hooked on medieval literature and retellings ever since. Robin Hood, the Arthurian cycle, The Canterbury Tales, the mystics—I love it all. That’s made putting together this issue of Splickety so much fun. I’m thrilled to bring you a collection of flash fiction featuring jousts and quests, a repentant crusader and a hubristic rooster, and the Ladies of the Lake like you’ve never seen them before.

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Action Beats in Dialogue :: Writer Wednesday with Julie Lessman

  “Action speaks louder than words.” And in fiction, “action beats” speak louder than “words” characters speak. In dialogue, try using a healthy dose of action beats (character actions/reactions) and fewer speaker attributions (he said/she said). And for tense...

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Writer Wednesday with Melissa Tagg

Today, we welcome Melissa Tagg to the Lightning Blog! Melissa is our featured author from the August edition of Spark. What stories have inspired your writing the most? Is it okay if they’re not book stories? ‘Cause if so, I would definitely have to say Golden Era...

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The Phoenix and the Egg :: Flash Fiction

“A phoenix?” Malchazor the Unvanquished sneered, smoke curling from his nostrils. He shifted his vast bulk into a more comfortable position on his mountainous hoard. A motley collection of gold objects and precious stones clinked against each other as he moved. At the...

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Picture Perfect with Kim Duffy

Today, Kim Duffy, Editor for Spark, will give us some insight into the magazine, the current theme, and how to write a romance in under 700 words.   What makes Spark different from Splickety's other imprints, Havok and Splickety Magazine? While Havok and...

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How the Sea Loved the Sky :: Flash Fiction

  Hear me well, lest you forget when the sea was not so hungry and the sky not so terrible. When man was just learning to walk the ground, the gods fashioned mighty beasts to safeguard their creation, beasts whose wings could whip up storms and split asunder the...

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Countdown to Realm Makers