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Havok: July 2017: Mythical Clashes

For this year’s contest theme, Mythical Clashes, we asked for stories filled with battles of legendary proportions, combining mythical creatures and places all thrown together. As always, the stories submitted were brilliant and imaginative. The finalists fill the following pages with creatures and characters both familiar and new in battles big and small.

The top three stories, The Last Stand of the Mer, by Sheri Yutzy, Chiron’s Crew, by Steve Rzasa, and Siren’s Kiss, by Clint Hall, were sent to our revered Featured Author, Dave Farland, for final round judging.

And so, it is with great pleasure, that I announce the winner of this year’s contest, Clint Hall, with Siren’s Kiss, and the runner up, Steve Rzasa, with Chiron’s Crew! Congratulations, Clint! Enjoy your grand prize, and as always, thanks for doing your part to help in Splickety’s quest for world domination!

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Splickety: June 2017: Medieval Mayhem

When I was eight or nine, I devoured The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green in a single day. I’ve been hooked on medieval literature and retellings ever since. Robin Hood, the Arthurian cycle, The Canterbury Tales, the mystics—I love it all. That’s made putting together this issue of Splickety so much fun. I’m thrilled to bring you a collection of flash fiction featuring jousts and quests, a repentant crusader and a hubristic rooster, and the Ladies of the Lake like you’ve never seen them before.

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Spark: May 2017: Ancient History

My first love is, and always will be, historical romance. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era. Maybe I’d fit in better if I walked with Jane Austen or wore lace at my throat and jewels in my hair.

Our Ancient History contest issue is taking you back in time. We have stories about Pharaohs, soldiers, heroes, and a very special one by Genevieve Gavel, who wrote our winning story, Unkhamun Beauty.

As spring pokes its head from the barren ground, I hope these ancient love stories warm your heart and fill your soul.

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Psyched Characters :: Writer Wednesday with Tina Yeager

An intricate weave of qualities comprise the fabric of human character. Our innate dispositions, circumstances and daily choices entwine to shape our identities. Since real people have complex personalities, realistic characters must demonstrate them, too. Several...

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Wisdom vs. Beauty :: Flash Fiction

Don’t ask me why the three of us thought this was a good idea—strip off all our clothes and try to convince a sleepy-eyed human male to hand over an apple made out of gold to one of us. It’s impossible to say why we were all so desperate for that apple. I mean, hello?...

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Meet David Farland

Today we're pleased to welcome award-winning author David Farland to the Lightning Blog! What stories have inspired your writing the most? For novels, it has to be Lord of the Rings, Dune, and Neuromancer. Years ago I was asked by the head of Scholastic to help find a...

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DiAnn Mills

A writer focuses his efforts on every tip and technique in this wonderful world of publishing. It’s a mix of the craft, branding, social media, marketing, promotion, and meeting reader needs. For many, social media is met with groans, excuses, and do-I- have-to? This...

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Dolan–Journal of Wonders

I do not, as a rule, take kindly to shoppers who only look, never buy. But in this case, I studied this customer as much as he studied my wares. Fair skin is no common sight in Hormuz, and I wanted an opening to engage him. Young, barely a man, if that. It showed in...

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Incognito :: Flash Fiction

How does a man know who he is? The man with the blank shield had been many things. Now he was a king. In the beginning ruling had been easy, as he rode the countryside defending the weak with his friends ever beside him; but now kingship was a snare, a noose around...

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Countdown to Realm Makers